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Karnes, J. Scharff, J. Levine, M. Pollock, J. Bellion, J.

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  • As Eminem turns 46 today, here are 11 songs of the iconic rapper that prove he is the real rap god..
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Johnson, S. Johnson, J. StarGate, Jimmy Napes J. Napier, M. Eriksen, T. Hermansen, S. Smith, N. London On Da Track D. Harper, Q. Marshall, G. Borri, A. Gibson, N. Jolie, L. Holmes, A. Small, M. Barrett III, C. Evans, L. Jefferson, C. Love, J. Allen, A. Frangipane, Delacey, J. Timberlake, T. Mosley, S. Rocco Did It Again! Valdes, J.

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Smith, J. Barrera, S. Franks, T. Brown E. Grande, M. Foster, C. Bell, Andrew Watt A. Osbourne, Travis Scott, L. T-Minus J. Williams, T. Williams, J.

Happy Birthday Eminem: 10 Songs That Prove No One Can Beat the Rap God

Cole, Travis Scott, Babyface. Tajh Money J. Cephus, Q. Marshall, K. Ball, T. McFarlane, S. Khan Zaman Khan, R. Moore, Jr. Kirk, O. Williams, C. Bennett, R. Davis, T. Morgan, K. Griffin, J. BuddahBless C. Brown, T. Douglas, Sr.

Small, K. Thomas, M. Pitts, L. Rogers, S. Copperman, Jon Randall R. Copperman, J. Nite, A. Gorley, D. Bellion, L. Allen, J. Frangipane, J. Johnson, M. Wotman, A. Tamposi, J. Bellion, S. Johnson, L. Richie, U. Ekberg, J. Berggren, M. Berggren, J. ILYA A. Grande, I. Salmanzadeh, S. Kotecha, Max Martin, N. Frank Dukes, J. Sweet, W. Lane A. Feeny, J. Sweet, N. Jahanbin, P. Jahanbin, L. Tainy E. Gazmey Santiago, J. Ozuna Rosado, V. Saavedra, Karol G, R.

Osorio Balvin, M. Masis Fernandez. Cyrus, Max Martin, S. Kotecha, I. Salmanzadeh, A. Miettinen, Lana Del Rey, A. William J. Kirk, E. Shaw, M. Moraites, M.

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Liyew, J. London On Da Track S. Walker, L. Robinson, K. Bailey, C. Dimelo Flow C. Morales Williams, O. Castro Hernandez, J. Vasquez Valdes, J. Mendez, N. Rivera Caminero, J. Ozuna Rosado, E. Gazmey Santiago, V. Saavedra, J. Medina Velez. Go Grizzly, MariiBeatz J. Cephus, J. Massey, Go Grizzly. Post, N. Wilburn, A. Frangipane, L. Wotman, N. Perez, B. Mira A. Post, R. Williams, D. Jones, L. Mira, B. Walsh, T. Hollins, Jr. Kosiak K. Robinson, M. Hermansen, Charlie Handsome, M.

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Riley, D. Kosiak, R. Jerkins, B. Russell, J. Skinner, J. Tejeda, J. Cameron, D. Carter, Jr. Kemp, M. Huff, J. Frasure, A. Stover, S. Borchetta J. Moore, P. DiGiovanni, C. McGill, J. Thorpe, K. Khaled, Cardi B, S. Joseph, B. Masis, M. Nieves Cortez, J. Osorio Balvin, B. Martinez Ocasio, M. Masis Fernandez, M. Tainy M. Masis Fernandez, J. Nieves Cortez, E.

Ozuna Rosado. Mira, T. Taylor, E-Trou N. Taylor, T. Sharpe, E. View Charts Legend. Song Lyrics. Truth Hurts. Songwriter s : E. Producer s : Ricky Reed, Tele. Songwriter s : S. Producer s : Andrew Watt, benny blanco. Someone You Loved. Songwriter s : L. Kohn, P. Kelleher, T. Producer s : TMS. Songwriter s : T. Sharpe, N. Producer s : N. No Guidance. Songwriter s : C. Producer s : Vinylz, J Louis, 40, T. Bad Guy.

Songwriter s : B. O'Connell, F. Producer s : F. Songwriter s : M.

Songwriter s : A. Producer s : B. Old Town Road. Producer s : YoungKio, M. I Don't Care. Songwriter s : K. Robinson, H.

Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

Lawrence, G. Producer s : Disclosure. Songwriter s : J. Kirk, D. Producer s : DJ Kid. Beautiful People. Producer s : L. Songwriter s : R. Producer s : R. Tedder, Frank Dukes. Money In The Grave. Producer s : Cydney Christine, L. Currie, Asoteric. Lee, S. Ernst, M. Ernst, A. Highest ranking debut. Morgan, A. Producer s : JetsonMade, Starboy. Producer s : JetsonMade, Pooh Beatz. Producer s : J. Harris, JetsonMade, Neeko. Only Human. Jonas II, N. Jonas, Shellback. Producer s : Shellback.

On Chill. Songwriter s : O. Akintimehin, J. Felton, E. Producer s : T. Moore, Va. How Do You Sleep? Smith, S. Salmanzadeh, Max Martin. Producer s : ILYA. Hot Girl Summer. Songwriter s : D. Jones, J. Kirk, W. Producer s : Wheezy. You Need To Calm Down. Swift, J. Little, T. Producer s : Kenny Beats, Queen Sixites. Producer s : A. Good As Hell. Producer s : Ricky Reed. Dancing With A Stranger.

Producer s : StarGate, Jimmy Napes. My Type. Producer s : London On Da Track. Without Me. Producer s : Rocco Did It Again! Feeny, W. Bell, Frank Dukes. Producer s : E. Williams, W. Glass, S.

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  8. One Thing Right. Songwriter s : Marshmello, K. Brown, J. Frasure, J. Hoge, M. Producer s : Marshmello. The Git Up.

    "Livin' La Vida Loca" — Ricky Martin

    Producer s : Blanco Brown. Take What You Want. Bell, Andrew Watt. If I Can't Have You. Mendes, S. Harris, T. Geiger, N. Producer s : S. Mendes, T. Potts, D. Producer s : FreshDuzIt. Maraj, R. Partaro IV. Producer s : SethInTheKitchen. Cash Shit. Mason, J. Producer s : Lil Ju. Antonoff, T. Prayed For You. Stell, A. Bowers, A. Bowers, M. Kirk, A. Producer s : Sean Da Firzt. I Don't Know About You. Gorley, M. Hardy, H. Phelps, J. Gilyard, A. Producer s : Cash Money AP. The London. Producer s : T-Minus. Producer s : Tajh Money.

    Kirk, L. Songwriter s : N. Feuerstein, T. The US musician is fast becoming a household name, with her gothic aesthetic, outlandish quotes, twisted videos and uncompromising vision winning over her legion of young fans all over the globe. A far cry from her now-relentless and brooding productions, but still irresistibly catchy. In the animated clip a young girl is afraid to share her creative side with the world, despite support from friends and family.

    Another example of her expert interpretation. Penned by her brother Finneas, its emotional pull is heightened by the accompanying video, crafted and co-directed by Billie. The journey from this breakthrough moment to where Billie is now is quite astounding.