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You not only inherit the positives but the negatives too. This opens a world of possibilities. Are you one of the select few who is in the group of zodiac signs born on the cusp? If you were born between any of the following dates, then yes, you are!

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You are between one of the unique zodiac signs and the most conventional. Depending on your mood, you can be outgoing or reclusive. Your ambition and ability to think in an abstract manner help you to see the bigger picture of your goals. This cusp brings out your sensitivity.

With Aquarius introspection and Pisces artistic nature, you are like a sad artist. You feel compassion for humanity and you want the world to be a much better place than it is. In fact, your goals probably help other people more than it helps yourself! However, your impatience can be a little deterring.

Zodiac Cusp Signs

Work on being a little more patient and your argument could go a lot smoother. Venus is never more than 46 degrees from the position of the Sun, either ahead or behind it. Venus shows how you feel, how you value anything based on judgment. Good or bad, like or dislike, pleasant or unpleasant. Venus makes value judgments, based on feelings. T he Sun, Mercury and Venus represent the basic self.

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What you are predisposed to. The undeveloped self, before personality, the Moon, is formed. Z o d i a c Art by : Liz Jardine T his is meant to give you a basic understanding of the cusp influence. Looking at Mercury and Venus, the judgment qualities of thought and feeling, we get better insight into the influence governing the cusp type.

Y our astrology chart is interpreted as a whole, therefore, just giving a view of certain parts is not really telling the whole story. To know the whole story, you really need to have your chart setup and analyzed by a person thoroughly versed and completely competent in the art and science.

What It Really Means If You're A Cusp Sign In Astrology

If you wish to study beyond the Sun sign influences, it may be time to have a chart drawn and interpreted for yourself. Write to: horoscopes elore Please note!

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    So, what the heck does it mean to be on the cusp?

    The republication of content, without license, is an infringement of Copyright laws. To refer to the area around the border between the twelve signs of the zodiac. Technically the cusp itself is the dividing line between two signs, although when it is used within the context of Sun-sign astrology it is usually considered to be an area around the border, rather than as just the border itself. To refer to the border between each of the the twelve houses, especially in reference to the beginning of one house.

    This is the context in which the term cusp is used most frequently by astrologers. This usage is important because it is the basis for determining the planetary rulers of the houses in a given chart. When the cusp or beginning of a certain house falls in a specific sign of the zodiac, the planet that rules that sign of the zodiac is said to become the ruler of the house as well.